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  1. How often do I need to oil my machine? Depending on your machine model you should aim to oil in between projects or when the machine is beginning to sound a little rattly. We are happy to show or tell you how and where to oil as each model varies.
  2. How often should I change my needle? Approximately 8 hours of sewing is enough to wear out a needle but like most things if you are noticing issues liked skipped stitches or other issues then change your needle and see if that helps.
  3. Is it really important to have the same thread top and bottom and why? Yes, this has a big impact on your tension. Like the English language there are exceptions to this rule for instance if you have topstitch thread on top or if you want to experiment with 12wt thread etc.
  4. Can I wind on a new colour to my bobbin if it’s not empty? We do not recommend this as it will impact the tension the thread is loaded onto the bobbin with and this will give you varied results for your stitching. You can wind off the thread and use it for hand basting or tailors tacks if you end up needing to empty a bobbin.
  5. How do I thread my sewing machine properly? Many beginners struggle with threading their sewing machine correctly. We offer a one-on-one lesson to our customers when they buy their machines and most companies will have manuals online or video tutorials to help. 
  6. Why are my stitches too loose or too tight? Sewing machines have a tension mechanism that controls the tightness of the stitches. Incorrect tension settings or threading issues can result in loose or tight stitches, thread breakage, or fabric puckering.
  7. Why does my needle keep breaking, and how can I prevent it? Users may experience needle breakage, especially if they are using the wrong needle size or type for their fabric. It's essential to choose the appropriate needle and handle it properly to avoid this issue. We are happy to help you choose the right needle in store.
  8. Why does my sewing machine jam or skip stitches? Sewing machines can jam or skip stitches due to various reasons, such as incorrect threading, improper bobbin placement, timing being out or dull/bent needles. This issue can be frustrating and may require troubleshooting to resolve. Timing issues will require a technician to repair.
  9. How can I avoid getting uneven or bunched stitches? Inconsistent stitch formation, where stitches appear uneven or bunched up, is a common concern. This problem can arise from incorrect tension, improper needle insertion, or an issue with the feed dogs.
  10. What should I do if my sewing machine has a limited number of stitches and I want more options? You might find a machine upgrade is the answer for you. Feel free to come in store and see one of our friendly experts who can help guide you to the right machine for you.
  11. Is it normal for my sewing machine to be noisy, or is there something wrong? Sewing machines can produce noise during operation, which may bother users, especially if they sew for extended periods. While some noise is normal, excessive or unusual sounds could indicate a clean and oil is needed and if the noises persist it could need a service.
  12. What maintenance and cleaning tasks should I perform regularly for my sewing machine? Proper maintenance and regular cleaning are crucial for sewing machine longevity and optimal performance. Your manual will tell you what your specific model requires but for Bernina or bernette models you can call us for details.
  13. Where can I find instructional resources or guides for my specific sewing machine model? Your best bet and quickest is usually to google it. Check your box that your machine came with.
  14. How can I find spare parts or accessories for my sewing machine model? We sell a wide range of accessories and parts for you Bernina and bernette machines. Some parts can only be fitted by our certified technician. Call us to find out more.

 Did you find what you need? If not you can contact us on 09 832 6994 or come in store to speak with our expert staff members who are always happy to help.